The Store
Joanne Yalch opened Crystal Bead Bazaar in June of 2003 because of cones.  Cones, you ask?  Joanne says 'I was working on a project and needed cones for the ends.  I visited every bead store in the area, and not a single cone was to be had'.  That got her gears turning.  There must be others running into the same frustrations.  When her hubby suggested that she start her own business, Crystal Bead Bazaar was born!

'I am as bead addicted as my customers!  It is my great pleasure to scour the globe for your beading consideration.  My aim is to keep my finger on the pulse of the beading world and keep up with current trends.'

With a background in the restaurant industry, Joanne believes that great customer service is as important as fabulous inventory.  Help is just a question away at Crystal Bead Bazaar.